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Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? I’m guessing a lot of you have been, at leasts once. To some it’s an adrenaline rush, the feeling of freedom with the wind in your hair, but to others it’s the source of great fear and anxiety. Everyone feels the anticipation as you climb to the top of the first drop, you look out over the edge seeing an amazing view, but once you reach the top the only thing you see is the track in front of you. Your heart starts to race, your grip tightens, and your stomach turns. The chain lets go, you forget how to breath, some pass out, others scream dropping to the ground with know way to stop. The build up of anticipation is overwhelmed with adrenaline and extreme fear and now your heart is beating in your throat. You fly, holding on for deer life, down the hill and around the bend. You spin upside down and fly through a tunnel, up and down, up and down and stop! You can breath again, you slowly loosen your grip and try to slow down your heart rate. You were just on top of the world flying at 50 mph just moments ago, now you find yourself in a space full of people waiting with anticipation to take your seat and fly just as you had. You exit your seat with your mind running wild still trying to fulling understand what just happened. Some of you can’t wait to run back to the beginning and wait in line again because of the trill of adrenaline pumping through your veins. However, others are still shaking, some trying to keep in their lunch, while others have completely lost it already, the fear is all they can remember of their life flashing before their eyes, not as if they were flying but rather falling to their death with no control, no breaks.

They say this is what life is like, comparing it to a rollercoaster. It’s the scariest thing you have ever felt, yet you have never felt so alive. Life has its ups and downs, twists and turns, but with a rollercoaster you can see what is coming. When you strap in that seat you know exactly what you’re doing, you know the risks and you have watched it fly countless times over your head while waiting for your turn. With life, it’s like you’re building your own rollercoaster while your flying 50 mph down it’s tracks. You don’t always know what is around the corner and you have no idea what will meet you at the bottom of the hills or even when you will be dropped. You will get so caught up that when it stops you will look back and barely remember what just happened. It goes by in the blink of an eye, most of it is a blur, your day in day out tasks, the drive to work, the classes, the end less paperwork, or your stop at the grocery store. They don’t seem like much of a rollercoaster, were is the adrenaline? The anticipation? The excitement? But maybe you like that, because you think you know what’s up ahead.

What if life really is a rollercoaster, but we have more control then we think? What if we have the breaks? What if the tasks of every day life that seem like nothing are the parts of our life’s we need to slow down for? We get so caught up in the adrenaline and the rush of life we forget to enjoy the view at the top. We don’t stop to realize that feeding the dog or cat should be treasured because we don’t know when they will be gone. We don’t see the people that surround us in our class rooms and offices. Flying through life, but we don’t realize we stoped breathing. Holding our breath till the end waiting for the climax that was at the start. We have forgotten to stop and smell the roses, to be thankful we can still carry our groceries, still see the road we are driving on. We forget that even the people that we don’t know have a hand in shaping our day to day life. That we could have control of our lives by simply slowing down while we can, to help the elderly, encourage the weak, lift up the small. Because one day the chain is going to lets go and we will start to fall. We may not know what will meet us at the bottom, but we know what we left at the top was beautiful.

Most of us don’t like not knowing what’s to come. We wait in fear or we wait in anticipation holding on so tight we forget to keep breathing. Our heart is beating in our throat and our eyes are fixed on the track. There is no time to look back and no time to slow down. We ride up and down, fly around the corner, through the dark tunnels, and up and down, up and down, up and down and STOP! Where did it all lead? Only to the end, a sudden stop we didn’t see coming. What did you leave at the top? Did you build something that will catch you at the bottom?

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