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Because the World Keeps Changing

They once were a part of my life. They once were my closest friends. They once had my back and made me smile. It’s to bad it all was so short lived.  A best friend for a semester, a friend for a day,  a best friend of a life time that just moved away. It felt like forever, it felt like years, it felt like you just lift me alone to my thoughts and fears.

He was a guy, sitting behind me in class. We were both falling behind, though we were both trying our best, it was so hard to keep up with the pace. I don’t think I would have made it without him, struggling alone. We bonded over our struggles, not much more. He was my support and I was his, leaning on each other so we could survive. We each had plans for our futures that would pull us apart. As the semester ended, we had to say good bye, knowing our paths may never cross again. But as he life my life, he left his drive in my heart.

She was the one that sat across from me in art class, in front of me in design class and beside me in drafting. We had the same classes, the same work load, seeing each other five days a week. She was quite at first, but our eyes meet and we clicked. I held her up as we traveled through our new life, she keep me sane when I felt like I was going crazy. She discovered that the path she was taking was not the one she’d been dreaming of. So, after a few short months of friendship she left to follow her dream. Never getting a chance to say goodbye, left hoping one day our worlds would collide once more. Leaving me alone but leaving her passion in my head.

He was the guy that met me on my adventures, away from home on a work trip. We meet at work, the night before I had to leave town. We got along well and talk so easily. The next morning when he came done the hotel stairs he walk up to my table with his breakfast in hand. We ate breakfast together that morning before I left, I know him for less then 24 hours, but I’ll never forget our instant connection. He left my life in the rain, but left his smile on my lips.

She was there silently cheering me on. Siting next to me in class because she didn’t think she know what she was doing. The other girls didn’t pay much attention to her, she struggled alone in silence. We didn’t talk much but we sat there learning together in all of our classes, trying to keep our heads above water on the path we had chosen. But I would never see her again, a year of our life’s crossed, but our paths changed. I may never know where she went or where her path lead her but she left her encouragement rapped around me. 

He was my best friend since childhood. He was my companion and the one I know was always there if I needed him. He is my brother and he move away. We still talk but it’s not the same, I don’t get to talk to him face to face any more. I miss him, his laugh, and the annoying things he would do. He was my play mate and guardian, but now I am on my own. Leaving me in tears he left his hand on my shoulder.

Everything seems permanent until it changes without warning. Life changed in the blink of an eye, leaving me alone with only the small things my friends left behind. Each one a blessing in disguise, leaving me with laughter, tears, and love. Though I miss them with each passing day, I know they are full of joy and laughter wherever their life’s lead them. Each one brought me joy in my darkest times, a smile in my sadness, peace in my crazy life. Each one was given to me as a gift at just the time I needed them. They gave me hope for humanity and they pulled me out of my depression. My heart may break at the end of ever relationship, but it rejoices at the start of the new ones. Thank you my wonderful short term friends, I hope your life is just as amazing as the one you helped me create.

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