Is it Worth it?

Is a college degree really worth it? A simple piece of paper worth thousands of dollar. Years of your life spent studying for tests that mean very little to the world and working hard at a job you wish you could like, but no matter how much you try you can’t wait till the day you can leave. They say you go for the experience. They say try out classes to see if that’s the field you want to go into, yet they tell you you have to pay for it on your own.

I’m a second year college student that has a part time job as a cashier at a local grocery store. I’ve been working hard for the pass few month and yet I can only pay a little over half of my class bill for this one semester. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to pay for the next semester. I want to learn, and I want to change the world and make it a better place for the next generation. I want to start a business that changes the entire housing market, that gives hundreds of passionate people the ability to follow their dreams, and the only way I can do that in the society we live in today is by taking out thousands of dollars in loans and going thousands of dollars into debt.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want free education. Free education would not allow students, like me, to get the quality education we are looking for. What I’m looking for is quality education that I can afforded. Quality education I still have to work hard for but can still accomplish my dreams before I lose the passion to pro-sue them. I want to learn while I still want to.

Pepsi came out with Crystal Pepsi this past month. Learning about pepsi’s past attempt at selling clear Pepsi may not have been all that productive but it was fun and I enjoyed doing so. Our society is taking the fun out of learning. We have to go to college to learn, try and pay thousands of dollars in loans, and keep our grades up so we don’t loose what ever small amount of financial help we may have. Learning isn’t fun when you are constantly stressed. Learning isn’t fun when you have go deep in to debt to do it.

A lot of us are defiantly pro-procrastinators but if I want something bad enough and you give me a time line, the books, and tell me that I can have a job I will love, I’ll ran for it as fast as I can. I have to tell myself that the only way anyone in this society will ever listens to me is if I work hard, have hundreds of students loans, and have a fancy piece of paper with my degree on it. Yet even after all that I will be seen as to young, inexperienced and I am not anymore likely to get a job in my field then someone that never went to school.

I will pay the money if I could only have a better advantage of a job. If this paper means so much, why is it see as so insignificant just because of someone’s age. They make the degrees hard to get for a reason. At least this is what I was led to believe, but our society turned college into a place to “find your self” have the “college experience” which means nothing in the real world. You have to go to college and if you want to do something different after high school you are looked down on. What is so wrong with taking a year off of school to earn the money you need to get through school. Why is the only “good” decision any of us, students, make the one that all of the “adults” want us to make. Yet they want us to be adult and make decisions on our own.

Our society has problems, students have problems, our generation has problems, but what’s new? Society will never be prefect and ever generation looks imperfect in the eyes of the older generations. Students will always be seen as students no matter how hard they work. The worlds a mess. But all the things we want to see changed will never change if we look at them as if they can’t change. Dreams will never come true if we don’t think they can. We will never change the world if we can’t first change our way of thinking. We as students are a new generation and we will be the ones to change the world. We will be the ones with dreams in our heads and no cash in our pockets.

One thought on “Is it Worth it?

  1. I passed out from college this year and since then I’ve been working as an Internet Marketer. I don’t think there’s anything that 4 years of college taught me which has helped me in business till now. I don’t know where you belong from, but here in India, colleges have become merely a money minting machine & education, a tag.


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