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Summer Break

It’s now summer beak/vacation for most student. We now have time to sleep, hang out with our friends, and do all the things we wanted to do for the past 8 months but couldn’t because we were far to busy with stacks and stacks of homework. Some of us will be finding new jobs and others taking on more hours at our old jobs. High school seniors will be applying to colleges and anticipating the school year to come. College graduates will be starting a whole new chapter of their lives, one they have given up the past 4 to 6 years of their lives for. None of which will be anything like they dreamed it would be and a year from now they will all be completely different people.

Then their are those students like me, the ones stuck in the middle. We take summer classes and work all the time. Hoping that one day we will be the ones in the cap and gown walking down the aisle, anxiously waiting for the years to come. You ask us what we’ve been doing and our reply is simple. We are giving up the best years of our life to achieve our goals. Though at times we want to quite and some of us do, in order to follow a different dream, we all just want it to be over and yet never want it to end.

We form amazing friendships and learn a lot about life. We have passion and we have plans. Years from now the friendships will drift apart and the passion will fade, but we will be living the life we once could only dream of. It’s summer vacation and now we have time to work to pay for our over priced classes. Now we have to put our dream for who we want to be one day to the side, because for the next four mouth of our lives we will have to work as stockers, cashers, waiters and waitresses, secretaries, at fast food restaurants and gas stations, loading trucks, sorting mail, or landscaping outside your home. We work hard not because we love what we do but because we have to just to make our dream a reality. This summer we will be working hard. Next fall we will be tired, stressed and working hard and our years will repeat till we walk up on stage to receive what we all worked so hard for. What we staid up till dawn working towards night after night. What we gave up our summers of beach vacations and free time for.

Our generation is seen as the one that has nothing to contribute. Our generation is seen as the generation of those that give up. As those that will not have something to offer the word. As those that can only think of selfies and likes on our tweets, but we are so much more. We have dreams, plans, and goals for our future. To some that plan has nothing to do with college, to others it has everything to do with college. Some learn a lot from college and others see it as a wast of time. Some want to start a family and some what to start a business. But we all want to be able to fulfill our dreams. You see us as quitters, you see us as children, and you see us as the generation that wants everything handed to us on a plate. You see us as ungrateful and you see us people who would scare you if we were running your country.

We are not all like that, in fact you only seem to see those that are because we make them stand out. If you ever walk into a college at the end of a semester, on the week of finals, you will see hundreds of student exhausted and scared, but there is not a sole in those class rooms that is not working hard. If they show up they are not giving up. Our school system might be a bit messed up, but it is certainly far from easy. We will gain your trust and we will gain your respect. But if you write us all off as quitters you are going to miss your opportunity to see what we are really made of. We have opinions and we have goal. We are not all stupid and we are not all selfish. We may not know what we are doing and we will make plenty of mistakes, but that is why your here to show us what to do. So stop telling us we are quitters and stop handing everything to us on a plate. This is the next generation, please give us a chance. We are not all the children you say we are.

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