Why Do We Love Money

Money, you love it, you hate it but you can’t live without it. Lately I have been thinking about how dependent on money we are. Is there anything we can do on this earth without money?

The other day I was sitting in my speech class listening to my professor’s lesson on how to create a good speech opener. I was sitting in my seat intensely listening, for awhile, because I need all the help I can get on my speeches. He was giving the class examples of good openers and attention getters. How to hook your audience. Though he was keeping it interesting my mined started to wonder as I started to catch on to what the making of a good opener where. I began trying to think up some good hooks for my next speech, but my professor soon grabbed back my attention when he walked toward one of the students sitting in the front row. The fact that he walked toward a student was not the reason it caught my attention. The reason was because he had walk over to this protocolar student earlier during his lecture and given him a ten dollar bill. He had instructed this student to give it back to him when he requested it later. He had peaked my interest. What example was he going to do with the bill? My professor walked over to this student and asked him if he had any money on him. The student handed my professor the ten dollar bill. He now had the whole classes attention. Walking to the middle of the room he holds up the bill and rips it exactly in half. The hole room fell completely silent as we all tried to recover from the shock. My professor ripped a ten dollar bill in half in front of 25 college students. Pore, broke college students. I have never felt a room more full of shock then I did at that moment. I felt like someone had just nocked the wind out of me. I had to take a few deep breathes and tell my self it was okey before I could fully recover. My professor definitely grabbed our attention, but for me he drove a sword straight through my chest.

It took me a few days after before I fully realize why this shock cut so deep. I have always been carful with my money ever sense I was little. I saved it and rarely bought anything without thinking about it for weeks. I was taught respect and I was taught love. Both of which, at the time, I had for money and my professor didn’t seem to have either. This may have been why it hit me so hard, I couldn’t believe anyone would rip something with such value. I see people all around me every day who would do anything for just a few dollars.

I graduated high school knowing I was going to need money to get through the next four years of my life. I slowly watched my class bill rise as I added classes to my semester schedule and soon my reality began to sink in. There was no way I would ever get through college with out money. The reality of my new world sunk in so slowly I didn’t even realize how dependent and concerned about money I was becoming. In high school I respected money, but I had little need for it. I could easily give it up to someone who needed it more. Now, starting college, it was starting to look like I needed this thin piece of paper pretty badly. I didn’t see anyone that needed it more. This was when me love of money started to control me. That is until I lost my breath over a ten dollar bill being torn in half. That brief moment jerked me awake. I had never expected anyone to tear money in half, but most of all I never thought that I would react with such shock when someone did. The shock its self was more from the disrespect and complete surprise. But the thoughts that followed were what really showed me how much love and desire I had for that simple ten dollar bill. I thought of everything I could have used ten dollars and how much I could have used it as opposed to thinking of the people that really needed it.

It seems so easy some times to throw a dollar here and throw a dollar there with out so much as a care, but if some one asked for ten dollars would you be so willing to give it up? We have slowly fall in love with money, most of the time without realizing it. So, why do we care so much about a green piece of paper with a 10 on it so much? Money really doesn’t matter. We can tell ourselves this as much as we want, yet it never becomes easier to give it up. People matter. Loved ones matter. Don’t let the world tell you that money is greater then the people you care about. We need to stop letting money control who we are. You can always get more money but you will never get back the time you didn’t spend with the people that love you.


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