Faking It

What’s on your mind? That is what Facebook asks me every time I login. Time and time again I type out what I’m thinking and delete it again, two or three time a day. If I call these people my friends then why can’t I click post? I know these people care, but will they judge or will it hurt them? I tend to over think these things all the time, but over thinking is not really a bad thing some of the time. I wish more people would think a little more about how their posts make others feel. Yet, if they did I would have a very empty news feed.

I scroll down through Facebook and see all these, what seem to be, happy faces smiling back at me. From the pictures it looks like their worlds are prefect. Yet, there is always that small look in their eye. The look that seems to be crying out to be heard, to be see. Are we only pretending to be happy? Are we all walking around with fake smiles on our faces? The fake smiles I see in the eyes of the people I know and care about hurts me more then they will ever know. They have looked me straight in the eyes and told me they were fine when I know they were cut deep with grief and pain. All I can do is watch from the side lines as my friends greave and cry out in pain hidden deep behind their eyes. Afraid to let the world see the swirling pain they feel. Afraid of loosing their images of happiness and perfection. Why does this world seem to scream that you have to be happy all the time? Is there a law that says we can’t greave in our pain? Why most we wake up each morning and paint a smile on our faces? The fake smiles we see in pictures don’t make us smile back. The smiles caused by laughter, love, or the shine in someones eyes when they are truly happy, those are the smiles that brighten the world. Those are the smiles that spread like fire from face to face in it attempt to change the world.

You know that sparkle in people eyes that they talk about in movies? That is the kind of sparkle that seems to be missing from all these pictures I see on my Facebook news feed. Everyone seems to be trying to keep up their image. People don’t post about bad days they cut those out. I would rather hear about your bad day then scroll through all the pictures with the fake smiles. Yes, being happy and smiling is a good thing and yes, I’m glad my news feed is not full of people complaining about their life. But sometimes it’s okey to show how life is truly going. I may not see all my friend that I have on Facebook on a daily basis but when they are hurting I don’t expect them to act like everything is fine.

Pictures of your friend hanging out with out you with big smiles on their faces having a good time. Friends posting pictures of themselves holding their boy friend or girl friend close. Posts about how great their new job is or their easy 4.0s. Engagement pictures, wedding photos, or baby pictures making every thing look prefect. Leaving you feeling like the things you accomplished don’t mater. Yet behind it all the new job doesn’t work out and the boy friend and girl friend that all seemed so happy broke up and now hate each other. All these are only pictures that capture the feelings of the second not the feelings of a life time. Pictures can so easily hide the true atmosphere as the smile can so easily be pained on a face for a minute.

So stop looking for all those likes and comments. Stop being so fake. The world brakes sometimes and life is not always perfect. Facebook is to help your friends stay up to date with the things that are going on in your life. It’s not a competition. Posting something that is hurting you can sometimes bring more happiness to someones day by showing them they are not alone. Smiling faces are up lifting at times but at others they only seem to pull you down. The most beautiful thing in life is a honest smile and truthful words.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little rant. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and any advise you may have for me as I start out my blog.

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